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Helping Hands


Bankroll the Dough is about crowdfunding kindly for individuals and families in need. Whether it's money for the mortgage, medical expenses, clothing for interviews, or just to get through a slow month, we provide a platform for people to raise funds with kindness. Bankroll the Dough is here to connect kind donors with those in need of help. 

ABOUT Bankroll the Dough

Bankroll the Dough is a virtual fundraising platform that connects Kind Donors with Recipients.

The FIRST to coin the term Kindfunding, our mission is to provide a compassionate solution for those who need it most. We believe in the power of community and the importance of helping one another. Our team is dedicated to being the catalyst to your spark.

We believe in Thank Yous! Donors will be thanked on our social media (unless they want to remain anonymous- in which case we will thank the donation without naming anyone.)

Recipients want to give back as well. When possible, Kindfunding recipients may offer little thank yous in the form of tangible or digital items. It could be anything... a crocheted turtle, a t-shirt, a song... each recipient's give-backs will be different. Some may not have any to give. See more on the Bankroll This page.

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