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Keeping afloat can be hard! We all need a safe place to lay our heads at night. You may find yourself in need of just a little extra, to get current on bills... or that security deposit. Perhaps you're behind on the mortgage. The lasting damages of COVID and the current state of the economy have many people living one paycheck away from real trouble. That's why we created Bankroll the Dough. For people like YOU... and people liike US.


Medical expenses can pose a real issue for many people and families. Whether you had to take off a few days to care for your sick child, got hurt and can't get short-term disability, or have major health expenses, we want to help get the word out for you, and hopefully connect you with a Kind Donor!

Online Medical Consultant


Bankroll the Dough isn't just for Home and Medical though! Maybe you've found your pay to be less than usual, and just need some extra cash to cover food, or gas. 

Maybe you need to get a new outift for an important job interview. 

There are many reasons one might need a kind hand, it is our goal to be the catalyst and along with a spark from a Kind Donor, help you reach your stars!

Parent and Child at the Supermarket


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